Social Bowls

Regular Events

1:00pm, Open 3 Bowl Pairs, Various Formats

8:30am, Open Pairs, 2 Games x 12 Ends
1:00pm, Open pairs, 2 Games x 12 Ends

1st Wednesday of Month, 1:00pm, Sealife Jackpot Triples, 2 Games 18 ends – Next game 5/5/21
4th Wednesday of Month, 1:00pm, $200 PACIFIC FORD Men’s Pairs, 2 Games x 12 ends – Next game 28/4/2021
5th Wednesday of Month, 9:00am, $1500 GALA Men’s Fours, 3 Games x 15 ends – Next game 30/6/2021
Every Wednesday, 6:30pm Open Twilight Bowls

1st Thursday of Month, 1:00pm, 2 Bowl Triples, Club selected teams
2nd Thursday of Month, 1:00pm, KIA Open Pairs, 3 Games – Next game 15/4/2021
3rd Thursday of Month, 1:00pm, SUNREEF Open 2 Bowl Triples, 3 x 10 Ends – Next game 22/4/2021
4th Thursday of Month, 1:00pm, 3 Bowl Pairs, Club selected teams
5th Thursday of Month, 1:00pm, Open Bowls. Various Formats
Every Thursday 6.00pm – Setsplay 2 games of two 5 end sets 

8:30am, Open Pairs, 2 Games x 12 ends
3:00pm, Scroungers (2 hours)

9:00am, Coaching
1:00pm, Mens Pairs

2:00pm, Mufti Triples

During June, July & August additional games may be played to accommodate visiting players.